Changing the TO in email automation

Gmail mail send automation … want to be able to send the email to myself and to the email stored in the line in the table. The “To” filed in the automation appears to only accept text.

If the line is about John, for example, the automation would send an email to the email address in John’s line. Whereas if I input data for Pam the email, when automation rule is triggered, would to to her email address.

Can’t figure out how to do that … can email automation only send to the text you input in the “to” field?

Thank you very much for your help.

For most fields in Coda, if you type an equals sign, =, it will prompt the formula field so you can add a formula.

For the Gmail pack and an automation, a comma delimited list should work for that field if you have multiple email addresses to send to. There is also an “Add more” button where you can add other fields, like cc: or bcc:.

@BenLee, thank you. For this filed = only prompts formulas, not fields. Because I want the TO to be dynamic based on what row I’m starting the automation from I need that field to populate with the email address in the row of the table.

Any thoughts on that? Very gratefully, Matthew

For this situation, where you’re sending separate emails based on the row, my approach is to create a button column with a “Send Email” button. Then you can use thisRow.Email for the email address. Then set your automation to push the button.

There are ways to do this all in an automation, but the formulas get more complicated. I’ve found for most cases that it’s best to set up a button and then use the automation to push the button.


Thank you so very very much!