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Hi everyone.
I’m trying to send an Email to a list of people as part of an Automation - Whenever I add a row to a table - I want that row sent as an email.
I managed to build the automation. However when I try to add a list in the “SendEmail” formula - it gives me an error message - “400 - Failed to fetch from

Is it possible? And if so - what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Hey Ranny!

In your formula you are attempting to send the email to “people” which is how Coda designates a user within the Coda doc.

When you send an email you have to actually have their actual email address, not just the people chip.

Try to manually type in their email address or use a .email chained to the end of the people chip to draw out their email address.

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Thanks Scott!
I added the .email to the end of each users name and it worked.


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