Time based automation for filtered results to send an email


I’m trying to send an email using time based automations in coda.
I tried this with an on row change automation but it didn’t work as some values I try to attach to my email are left blank (I’m guessing when the automation is triggered this way they are not calculated correctly).

So what I tried to do for my “Then” clause is something like: table.filter(a filter).send email
but doing it this way does not pass the parameters of my table to the send email function.
I’m using the gmail pack for this.

Does anyone know a good work around for this?


PS: The specific issue is when parsing a JSON for a file column to obtain the link. It seems this value can’t be calculated on the fly. I tested with a column that has the formula ParseJSON(thisRow.XML File._Merge().ToText().First(),path: “$.publicUrl”).Hyperlink()). If I add the formula to the column it will obtain the hyperlink correctly for any rows that have been added but will fail to do so for new rows (I have to remove and readd the formula for it to work). This is why I want to change my automation from a row change trigger to a time based formula.

Hi @Mauricio_Avalos ,

I also use gmail pack to automatically send email to my self with my task of the day.
Wath I would suggest to reduce the risk of mistakes ny disconnecting the different actions

1 - Create the body of your mail somewhere else
In my case, I do all the digest of my database, and put it to form to have my BodyMail
You can see a basic digest of my data. My task database does have a tracker column to check if the task has to be done today, in this digest you can do whatever report you want from your database. But do it outside of anything, in an hidden page whatever.

2 - Put all your mail-sending action into a button
Rather that actionning a gmail pack with automation, i’d rather like to only push a button, it’s easier to understand.

Then I configure my button all the sending parameters, knowing that it will run every day eventually. Anyway, make it work as if you wanted to manually action it.

3-In your automation, only push the button
Make your daily (or whatever frequency you wish) automation to only push the button

I can’t answer the second part about ParseJSON, but my advice to make your workflow independant, so that you can deal each part of your workaround separately !

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Thank you @Quentin_Morel.

This does help a lot to separate data.
I guess my main issue now is how to trigger this to send multiple emails.
Using your example, how would you make it so that when pushing the button an email is sent to each user with their uncompleted tasks only? I’m able to send it to 1 recipient but when there are multiple is where I’m struggling.


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Quite easy now !

1/ Create a recipient database with their email adresses

2/ Give them tasks, using lookups:


3/ Digest a personnalized body mail with uncomplete task in your recipient database for each people

4/ Create a gmail sending button in recipient database, then each people will have its own bodymail

5 Create a Master Button that will push all buttons of recipient table

6/ Push your masterbutton with automation or manually :wink:

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Thank you so much @Quentin_Morel !
I’ve followed your advice to separate everything for clarity’s sake.
This actually helped me find the issue to the second part of my post.
I was evaluating a row object on my IF condition as is. I added Isnotblank(row) to correct the issue. This was not showing up as an error in the formula editor :sweat_smile:.

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Clarity always helps to find mistakes :wink:
Glad I could have helped you !

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