Several emails on buttons gmail pack

Hello! does anyone know how to send to several people on the button gmail pack?

I keep getting a mistake and don’t know if it why



What I do is have the addresses in a column, and then reference the corrct row:

The screenshot is from the Meetings page in the below doc.

Rambling Pete

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Hi Pete! how are you?

Thanks for the help, one last question, do you know why this formula is not working since all the emails are on that row?

Thanks again for your help


The syntax that you are using there is not correct.

ThisRow() is paired with a column, to indicate that you want to use the contents of ThisRow, in this Column, like below:


So here it says, go to the Action Items table, find the project/wave that is in this row in this table, find all the action items that are not cancelled and not rejected, and count all them.


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