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I’m looking to create a button that emails selected rows denoted by “Send this”. I’d like to send all the shown columns from those rows in number list to a single email address. Ideally, when the user selects those rows they want to send, they are also able to input or select the email address they’d like to send it to from a list. I appreciate your help in advance!


So you want to select a list of rows manually, and then from ALL of those rows select the emails that you want to send?" And then mass send to all those emails?

Or is it you want to select a list of rows manually, and then for each row you want to select a list of applicable emails? And then out of all emails chosen for each row mass send to all those emails?

I also don’t know how the embed doc is related to this…

Hi @Jake_Nguyen thanks for your comment!

My explanation was probably not the best :slight_smile:

I’m looking to manually select a list of rows and then via a button send the details of that list to 1 or more emails.

For example using the embedded doc, I’m looking to manually select 5 rows (Bank Transactions) and send them to an email address with each rows details. The idea here is to have 1 email sent to said email address and not 5 separate emails.

I hope this makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally would first make a view where I can filter our the rows that I want.

Then I can add a button at the doc level (not at the table level) that sends one email to all the emails via ListCombine(“,”) You might have to build your comma separated email string like this way - I’m not sure if the splice function is correct

You can use that one Coda Pack to use the send email function.

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Interest idea, but it doesn’t help send row data in the body of the email.

As of right now, I’m only able to get the primary column plus one other column to show up in an email

using the simple formula: tablename.anycolumn

I did try to combine a list of columns but it looks pretty ugly.

Also, I tried the ExportTable Pack but it’s just an attached CSV which isn’t ideal.

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