Email Automation: Send to email address based on row change


I’m trying to set up an email automation to send when a certain field changes to the email address in that row. Having trouble setting up to send just to the 1 email address of the changed row. Any tips?


Yes! Automations can be tricky sometimes. The principle you are going to want to work off of is using step1result

When you run any row-changed automation the first step (the When of your automation) returns something called step1Result

Then you can reference that both in your if conditions and in your then conditions to make sure the right buttons are clicked and the right actions run.

So I am guessing in the to field of your email you would want it to be:

Heres an automation that loosely shows me using the step1result logic.


Yay, that worked for me! I think the reason I didn’t try it before was because it said Step 1 was returning a date and I thought that data type wouldn’t work for this purpose. But I should have tried it anyway. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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You got it!

Glad it worked out –

If you need some more help or education in a more robust way, see below!

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