How do I email the person who created a row when it is modified?


I use Coda to get approvals from my boss. I’d love to automate it so that when rows have a status changed, an email is automatically sent to the person who created the row.

I have looked through this similar question Email Automation: Send to email address based on row change and maybe I’m just new this, but I’m really struggling to understand how I can do this…

Help please!

For sure!

I thought it would be easier to record a video then write it out at length with screenshots, etc

Your principles are:

  • Create a createdBy() column to track who created a row
  • draw out that persons email
  • Set a row-changed automation that watches a status column
  • Use the gmail/outlook pack OR native NOTIFY action as the THEN part of your automation to conditionally notify the creator of the row

Also, heres the link to the example doc in case you want to see it! → [Example Doc]


This is amazing! Thank you so much Scott! It worked!

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You got it! Happy to help!

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