Gmail Pack: Import Attachments into File Column

Since Coda added a file field to the columns, perhaps it’s also time to add a column to the gmail pack to support attachments from the incoming emails.

What do you think?


Would also be great if we can send attachments in a new email or email draft!


That would be epic! I love the idea of bringing in any attachments!

Place add this feature Coda.

+1, would be awesome to also have the attachments.
Is it possible to implement this and open something like a pull request for the gmail pack?

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The first-party Coda packs are not available for contributions. See Open Sourcing Internal Coda Packs? - #2 by Scott_Collier-Weir.

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That’s a great suggestion! With the rise of remote work and the increasing use of email as a primary communication tool, having a column in the Gmail pack to support attachments from incoming emails would be a valuable addition.

It would allow users to easily keep track of important files and attachments associated with specific emails, all in one central location within Coda. This feature would not only save time, but also enhance collaboration by streamlining the process of sharing and accessing important information.

I’m sure many Coda users would appreciate this feature, and it’s definitely worth considering for future updates.

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Thanks for your reply!
I‘ve created a custom CLI pack that authenticates via OAuth at Google, fetches the attachments from gmail via the mail id, uploads it to the coda aws bucket and displays the download link to the attachments.
Guess that would almost be worth a separate thread - but it looks like it’s not possible to

  • display the attachment in a table as a real attachment (only a link works)
  • persist files for a longer period of time (like the “normal” upload).

Do you have insights on that?

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+1 to having ability to see inline photos and attachments. This is preventing us from building and operating a shared customer support hub in coda.


I also think this is a very important pack update. Importing files automatically would create a new level on coda usage.

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