Send email TO coda

Is it possible to send an email from my inbox to a Coda doc?


hi @Helene_Hulthin_Hagnere_SCHHH ,


via a third party platform like Zapier yes
what is the use case you have in mind?

Cheers, Christiaan

Hi @Christiaan_Huizer , thank you!!
Yes I looked at Zapier. But I always prefer a native solution.
The use case is that I often receive emails with attachment that I would like to have in Coda. So instead of downloading, and uploading back in Coda manually, a simple forward to a unique email address will be really smart.
Cheers, Helene

hi @Helene_Hulthin_Hagnere_SCHHH , thanks for coming back to me.
your suggestion makes totally sense, however for the moment I am not aware of this possibility, maybe @Federico_Stefanato knows this or @Jean_Pierre_Traets ?
I guess you can create a zap that does the job (attachment related) if you use the Google Suit. I have never tried this so far, but the idea is worthwhile some consideration.
Cheers, Christiaan

Hey there @Helene_Hulthin_Hagnere_SCHHH ,

I do a lot with emails and emailing with Coda, and Im sure there might be some work-around, but as @Christiaan_Huizer mentioned, Zapier or Integromat would probably be the best solution that comes to mind immediately.

Heres some thoughts if you want to skip the Zapier route:
If you do use google, you could use the gmail pack and have it pull in your inbox - (I built a table where it would filter the subject line of emails to match certain criteria and then put those emails, via formula, as a reference in a new table to a specific row. So some of it depends on what emails you are trying to pull-in. Are they consistent in any way such as always from the same sender, or always have a similar subject line or message in the body?)

Im guessing you could forward emails from your inbox to a unique email address that is only used for Coda and then use the gmail pack to just draw from that accounts inbox?

Hard to totally give suggestions without having more details about your specific use case, but happy to give it a shot and help where I can!


@Scott_Collier-Weir what a smart walk-around!
You really think out of the box.
I’ll try that.
Thanks a million guys - much appreciated.

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@Scott_Collier-Weir That is a great idea!

I managed to set up different views for all the unique email I have created. So far so good, but I cant get the attachments to appear in the view.

I have tried different functions but only managed to sync the message content of the email and not the attachments.

Would you have any advice on how I can solve this?

Thank you in advance!

Let us know if it works! @Helene_Hulthin_Hagnere_SCHHH

As far as I know, there is no way to get email attachments using the Gmail pack.
I have tried to use Integromat and I didn’t work either.
I think the only way that it will work is using Zapier.
I have tested it and I can assure you that it can sync attachments but, it seems that you can’t use a consumer Gmail account to sync. You’ve got to have a G Suite or use another email provider.

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+1 on this. Very useful feature.

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