Can I forward Gmail messages to my Coda database?

I have an email in my Gmail inbox that I’d like to turn into an action item. I’d like to be able to pre-populate a row in a table with that email’s subject line, the sender, and the body of the email.

Is there a way to do this? I know that I can use Coda to create and send new emails from Coda. But can I use Gmail to create new rows in a Coda table, from within Gmail?

Possible workaround – can I use Coda to pull in all the emails from a particular Gmail folder or label into a table, then have a button I can press to turn a particular email into an entry in a different table? Then, if I did that, can I perform an action on the original Gmail email – say, put it into a different “completed” folder?


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Interesting idea @Maria_Korolov,

I think one way you could do that is via using Zapier. that would let you automatically move contents of your email into a specific table

here’s a starting UI in zapier - this way you could apply certain labels to mail in gmail and use that as a signal for zapier to push content of that message into coda.

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Is there any update on forwarding capability? This is a particular feature parity that is common in most PM tools of the world (Trello, Asana, etc.). It’s a nifty functionality because it allows you to have coda be your one capture system, but only for a la carte items you can to capture as tasks instead of every gmail email that comes in.

(in the meantime, the zap is a decent work around!)

I do this by sync’ing in all mail with a particular label from Gmail.

There are a few cool side-effects of this:

  • No need to forward the email so your inbox stays clean (no extra "forwards)
  • Auto-label rules from Gmail work (e.g. label all mail from address X with label foo)
  • This works across mailboxes, even across accounts. E.g. I do this with my EA so we see a combined view of mails we’re working on together (pending meeting requests, etc)

Quick demo:


Makes total sense! Thanks Shishir.

Anyone do similar to capture slack to-dos?

Previously I would use right-click —> create task in {Asana, wrike, etc). Currently I star the slack message and have it create row in coda table, but curious is any have other hacks I’m not aware of.

Our Slack pack doesn’t do this yet (on my request list too :smile:). You can use Zapier or the API to do this in the meantime.

@shishir Indeed, that’s what I do now, just wasn’t sure if anyone had experience that the starring workflow may create any downstream issues I haven’t anticipated. Cheers!

:wave: @shishir Do you use the Push to Zapier button in slack to a message to your desired table, or another model? We had a process where we put a custom coda slackmoji and then if you reacted to a message with that, it would go to the mapped table.

However, I’ve found that’s not very scalable since you can only map it to one doc one table at a time.

I recently started trying the Push to Zapier right-click hack in slack – so I can map that to multiple docs – curious if you personally have any new workflow on this topic?

For context, our biggest use case is to capture slack messages in the wild that should be queued for sales enablement, so that our enablement team can quickly queue something at any time (so they don’t forget) – but then can move on with their days.

Before we know it, we have a great queue to reference in Coda simple to to plan our enablement sprints.