Trying to get email -> slack -> zapier -> coda working

Here’s what I’m trying to do that is not working.

  1. We have a special slack channel created that we use for a specific workflow

  2. Using the Slack Channel > Integrations > Send emails to this channel feature, we have created an email address for this channel.

  3. When we send an email to this address, it appears as a message in the channel as a message from “Email”

  4. We want this message to be pushed into a Coda table that we’ve created.

  5. We configured a Zap in Zapier that connects Slack to Coda

  6. However the Zap is not picking up these messages from “Email” and pushing them into the target Coda table.

  7. If I post a message using the Slack client via my Slack user account into this special challenge, the Zap triggers and pushes the message into the Coda table

  8. If I look into the Zap’s logs, I do not see it triggering based on the Email message, but I do see it triggering based on the Slack client message.

  9. If I grab the link in Slack from the message from “Email” and copy that into my Coda table’s Slack Message column, I get an error message as follows:

“Invalid input message URL - might be an unsupported private message?”

  1. This special slack channel is a fully public channel to my org no different than any other channel.

Anyone have any ideas for why this doesn’t work (maybe this message type from Email is unsupported by Coda and/or Zapier?).

If this is unsupported, does anyone have another work around for how to get an email message automatically into my coda table? We are trying to avoid creating a specific email inbox for this account (we are using domain email forwarding to create a friendly email address that forward’s to the Slack channel email address).

Ultimately our goal is to grab an attachment that is going to be in the email and implement some automation around the data in the attachment inside Coda.

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