@ing from Coda to Slack message is random


I want to send a Slack message to a channel @mentioning specific people. I have table with the Slack handles + this Formula on a button:
Slack::PostMessage(EgyesekBot, Format("/dm @{1} *[{2} Projekt]* A _{3}_ feladat státusza: {4}. {5}",thisRow.[Slack name],thisRow.[Project Nr.],thisRow.Task,thisRow.Status,Objectlink(thisRow)), "test")

The funny thing is that when it is me it triggers the mention in Slack, but when it is one my colleauge it does not.

Does not trigger:

I don’t know what is the difference. I checked on my colleague settings, everything is the same as mine, Coda is installed to Slack on the workspace level, Slack is installed on Coda both sides.

Any idea?

Instead of Slack handles I use Slack account IDs. It’s a bit annoying to gather them, but is better supported.

In Slack: Click handle → View full profile → More → Copy member ID

It should work consistently if you @ that member ID instead of @ the text of their handle (and just to be clear, on slack in the message it will appear as their handle)

@Nick_HE PERFECT! Thank you sooooo much!

Do you maybe also have the solution how to send a Slack DM (instead of posting to a channel) using these IDs? The problem is kind of similar if I send out a message (as you see in the printscreen) with /dm the slash command does not trigger in Slack for some reason…

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