Ping @channel with Slack integration


I have a lovely Coda automation that sends a message to my Slack channel when we are missing a certain inventory item. I love it.

There are two things I would like to be able to do:

  1. Send the message from a coda bot rather than my own account (I am the one intending to receive the message after all).
  2. Ping @channel (or @individual) when I post. Right now, it does not allow the channel to be pinged (the text ‘@channel’ goes through, it just doesn’t activate the notification for some reason).

  1. For our teams we created an account called slackbot that we use (added it to the channel and use it in automation)
  2. Need to dig into 2. I have one setup daily and I think it notifies those @mentioned. Will try @here and see how that goes.
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Just saw this new template - with notifications! Take a look and see if it helps ( cause I’ll get to notification debugging later today … )



Ah I see, I’m not trying to message someone directly, I’m trying to @ someone inside another channel. So this solution:
Won’t work, because the channel option is used by the slack handle (which is already taken by my #inventory channel name).

Would love some ideas on how to get around this.



Could really use this @mention ability as well. Any word on this?