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Seems like I’m missing something obvious.

I want to use the slack pack to send notifications to a channel.

My use case, I have a ‘bug report’ coda form.
Once someone submits this, and thus creates a record in the coda table. I set up an automation to send a notification to a slack channel ‘#bugreport’.

Now, I want to be notified of this in slack, because that’s where I have all the internal communication.
BUT, this message can only be sent using my private account

Which means that it will NOT show me the bold ‘unread’ notification in Slack, because slack considers this message to be sent by me. And thus I’ve already read it.

How can I send a message to a channel using the coda bot?

Hi Kars! This article is a step by step guide on how to add the Coda Bot to Slack. If you would like, you could schedule a call with the Coda Success Team here to walk through the Coda Bot and other ways to optimize your doc!

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Hi Tristin, I’ve successfully added the Coda Bot to slack a while ago. However, I want it to post messages to a channel, triggered by automations in Coda.

I don’t see that possibility. But sometimes with Coda I am overlooking something.

Hi Kars,

Unfortunately, at this time, you are not able to post messages through the Coda Slack Bot. This is something that we are planning on rolling out in the near future though!

In the meantime, some workarounds for this would be to either create your own workspace Slack bot on Slack or set up and use a shared Slack account (apart from your own) that you would connect in this doc.


Also if you were to use a button whose action was set to “notify” and run an automation to push that button when a new row is added/changed, you would get a notification from the Coda Slack bot, but you would not be able to have this post to a specific Slack channel.

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