Sending a PDF as a GMail attachment


I have made a budgeting system where I can send invoice details on to our book-keeper for payment.

It uses the Gmail pack to send a templated email via the format() function to fill the details. If I include a PDF (from a file type column) it only attaches as an image in the resulting email. Curiously if I forward that email, the file then attaches as a PDF.

Does someone know of a way to wrap or otherwise encode the PDF so that it attaches correctly?


Hello @Thaddeus_Robertson!
As of right now the Gmail pack, doesn’t allow attachments.
Here’s the list of all the parameters you are allowed when sending an email:

According to the Gmail API it is possible, but as I said, the pack doesn’t allow it.

I encourage you to post it in Suggestion Box so people can vote on it and is eventually added to the pack.


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