Create PDF, Upload to Dropbox or Drive, Put link to that PDF in an email


Since the Gmail API does not allow attachments to be sent in emails, I am looking for a process to do the following:

  • Export a PDF of page
  • Upload that to Drive or Dropbox
  • Get the sharing link to that PDF
  • Compose an email with that sharing link in the body
  • Send the email

Can it be done?

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There are two email packs you can upload files to:

  • MailJet pack (made by yours truly)
  • Outlook Pack

You can also upload those pdf files to drive with @Courtney_Milligan1 pack which is called export to drive.

If you need further granular control, you can also have a button on coda send a file and attach it to a gmail message and have that processing done in a Google Apps Script (happy to help write it)

You can also generate beautiful PDFs from the click of a button in Coda using the Documint pack - far more beautiful than any Coda page!

  • if you wanna see it in action, go to (on a desktop) - complete the quiz and you’ll automatically receive an email with a custom PDF breaking down your current coda skills. All the integrations from pdf creation to pdf delivery in email are done with Coda

Or you can use Make to do some more advanced automation as well


For reference, my here’s my google drive pack:


Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir I watched your video on the Documint pack, and can I send an entire table over?

For Example in my outstanding To Do List, send all the active tasks, in priority order, to generate a PDF.

Yes! Would take some set up and work, but if it’s something that needs to be done over and over and over again, come in the structure doesn’t change that much, it’s a really good option

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir , I know it has been a while since Feb, but could you point me in the right direction for sending individual rows and columns to documint? I have a filtered table in Coda that I’d like to send over

You’d like to send the whole table over correct?

Can you shoot me an email or DM?

That would be sending over a variable number of items or Line items which isn’t currently supported by the public pack

But I have a private pack that can do it! But it’s a bit complex so don’t publish it openly. . .

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