How to mail with gmail pack a full size image from a column

I have a table with expenses
there is a row for an image of an invoice/expense note.

Now i want to email a row to our accounting software.
For that I need the full size image as an attachment in the email.
I only get a thumbnail

any suggetions how to do this?
A link to the image would not work, it needs to be the original full size document (foto or pdf).


Hi Pieter! Based on what you have shared, my thought is that you could use Coda’s Gmail pack (assuming Gmail access) to email the image in the corresponding row, and then when users want to access the full size they can click, download the image as a PNG file and access the full size image.

I work at Coda as a part of our Success Team and am curious if a call might be useful to discuss your challenges? Let me know as we are here to help!

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for my usecase the image needs to be an attachment in the email.
our accounting software accepts emails with attachments and can book these, but they need to be an attachment.

second problem I’m having
is that i would like the content of the email be the information in a few columns (text) plus the attachment.


Hi Pieter, thanks for getting back to me! At this point in time, we are unable to send content from Coda as an attachment, but this is a great feature request that I will share with our team.

Have you tried using our Format and/or Concatenate formulas to set up the respective column content in each email? You can always schedule time for us to chat live about the best practices (access my calendar here) but also take a look at this doc! If you copy it, you are able to see how the formulas are set up and can try the set up out with your information.

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