Images in Gmail Pack messages

I’m using the Gmail Pack to send images in the body - anyone played with this much?

I have a page with a few images on it, sourced from an ImageAttachment column (fed by my iCloud Shared Albums Pack) - so the image data lives in Coda.

When I sent this page via the Gmail Pack, all of the images are scaled to 43px tall in the email message (like if you drag an image into the Gmail compose window and choose “Small”… but smaller than that I think?). More precisely, the underlying image files in the message are original resolution, but they’re set to display at 43px tall.

I know I can write an HTML email template and inject these images into it, but I’m looking for a cleaner, more Coda-y way if I can find one.

What if you grab out the hosted coda url via merge or my imageURL pack, and then pass that through an image() formula in a canvas column to resize it?

Then pass the entire canvas column as the email body?

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