Send email with a signature that contains a picture (Gmail pack)

Hi, is there an easy way to add my personalised email signature with a picture to every email I’m sending directly from the Coda doc? It’s important as I’m using the gmail pack to send automated updates to clients.

I need no extra features, just literally to have the stylised signature at the end of the emails. I’ve looked at this thread, but it’s too complicated for what I need.


Hey @Rokas_Jurkenas I haven’t specifically included an image via the Gmail pack but I have sent a lot of emails. I use the format() formula to scaffold the email body content. I know you can use an image as a format reference, so perhaps try to create your body content with format() and include an image reference as one of the objects and try sending that way? Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ve tried it and it kind of works. However, when I add the image to the body it’s miniscule… Any ideas how that could be fixed? Thanks!

Images are difficult in email. Generally speaking, they either need to be attached to the email, which Coda can’t do at the current moment, or they need to be hosted somewhere publicly and referenced by HTML.

The other catch is that there are dozens of various systems that all read email somewhat different from each other. So some systems may show an image based on one method and others may not. It might take some experimenting with this to make it happen.

One odd thing is that I have a signature configured in Gmail, but when I create a draft using the Gmail pack, it doesn’t get the signature appended to it. Is that something within the Gmail pack integration with Gmail that can be fixed?

I.e. I’d like to have my Gmail signature appended to the draft just like I would get if I created the draft within Gmail without using the pack.

At least that way, the email / image issue could be handled by Gmail and one could setup their signatures within Gmail.