Gmail Pack HTML Email Builder


This Doc uses the Gmail Pack and has the basic layout and style for a one column HTML email.

You can add Titles, Images, and Content just by adding rows to the Email Builder table. The rows also take HTML code so you can style your content however you wish. Click and drag the rows of content to get the order you want in your email.

There is also a “Send To…” table where you can keep names and email addresses, then just check the boxes for the people you want to send to. In this same column you can choose how it will be sent to each person; To, CC, or BCC.

I marked the columns with code to “hidden” just for layout purposes, but all the code is there and editable if you want to customize it to your liking.

Gmail Pack HTML Email Builder - [TEMPLATE]
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Gmail Pack HTML Mailing List - [TEMPLATE]
This document uses personalization variables and operates more like a mailing list. more notes here
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And this is the email…

Send beautiful emails from your Coda docs!
Send beautiful emails from your Coda docs!

Thanks for sharing this @benblee. Take a look at something Himanshu just posted - Send beautiful emails from your Coda docs! - makes it easy to email the whole section.


That’s really cool! I can’t wait to try it out in my docs!


I wanted to show how this could be expanded and used in some different ways, so I created a second document that operates more like an email list with personalized input variables.

Gmail Pack HTML Mailing List - [TEMPLATE]
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  • I simplified the bottom of the email by consolidating all closing tags into the “Footer” element.
  • I added a column for a Send Email button to the [Send To…] table. Then I changed the Send Email button to a “Push Button” that pushes all the column buttons if they are active. This allows for the personalization on a per email and customer basis.
  • You’ll also see “tags” or “placeholders” for these personalized variables. You can use the placeholders however you want in your email content and RegexReplace() will swap them with the relevant variables from your table.

There are some other small changes from the original template that to make the sending of individualized emails easier and to allow this to be built on and customized later.

You can add things like Categories or Groups to the [Send To…] table if you want to create separate or filtered email lists. That’s just one idea of how this can be expanded.

Give it a try and let me know if this helps for personalization.


I spent some time cleaning up a few things and added a good bit more to this template. Coda has posted a more full featured version in their gallery if you want to check it out…

:email: Email Newsletter Planning-Sending-Logging [TEMPLATE]

Some of the additions include:

  • Header Color and Logo Customization
  • “Double Check” check-boxes to avoid clicking the send button accidentally. These are also automatically reset after sending an email.
  • Subscriber List improvements including an “Unsubscribe” option (manually by admin)
  • Content management and planning area for logging ideas and clicking and dragging to order the email content.
  • Sent Email logging by both time and list as well as content sent
  • “Send a Test” feature with a separate Send To List so you can make sure everything looks the way you want.

Any content under the “Next Email” status is automatically updated after the email is officially sent. This wipes the slate clean so you can start building your next email from the content marked as “Ideas”. The content that was previously sent is logged so you can always copy/paste if you need to re-use anything on your next email. The “Send a Test” is excluded from this so you can test as much as you want.

Subscriber List Features

Content Management

Sending Double Check

Finished Email Sample