I am now an official Codan!

Hello Community!

I’m very happy to announce that one month ago I started work at Coda! I enjoyed my time at REI and will miss being an Outdoor School Instructor. However, I felt it was time for a new adventure in life and I want to see how much I can learn in this Maker realm called Coda.

My new Community Profile is @BenLee.

I look forward to see you all on the forum!



Nice! :partying_face:
What role are you in? Engineering or something more like customer (maker) relations?

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Hi Ben,

That explains why it was recently quite around your profile. :no_bicycles:

Success, with your new challenge :gem::gem::gem:

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“Product Evangelist”, along the lines of Solutions Architect.

OK, so exactly what I’m doing / planning to do on freelance basis :slight_smile:

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Now you need to write “The Codaex” for full Evangelist effect. :clown_face:

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Congratulations on the new gig! Glad to have you!

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Hey @BenLee ! Congrats! I’m still using your Email template :grinning:

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