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:tada: Exciting news community! One of the best things about Coda is you - our customers. Your talent, ingenuity, and willingness to help blows us away every day. To share the wealth, and make sure everyone can get (or build) the Coda doc of their dreams, we’re launching our pilot program of what we are fondly calling “Makerplace”.

:question: What is Makerplace?

A group of Coda users who are offering their services to build custom docs. Short on time? Contact a maker!

:question: How can I find a doc builder for hire?

Glad you asked! Right here.

:question: How does it work?

Use the controls to identify your language, needs, and requirements. You’ll then see (through the magic of filters) a few makers who can help out. Click the Contact this Maker button to get in touch. You’ll fill out a brief intake form to help them understand your needs.

:question: Want to be a doc builder for hire?

Reach out to us at



Just played around with it: filtering only works on a copy, but the You might like working with table does not have a filter. Adding this in the filter works:

thisRow.Languages.Contains([Language picker]),
thisRow.[Domain Expertise].Contains([Domain picker]),
thisRow.Skills.Contains([Skill picker]),
thisRow.Location.Contains([Location picker]),
thisRow.Interests.Contains([Interest picker])

You may want to add the ?viewMode=play to your link there :wink:

Hi Maria,

I tried to write to but a message was sent back saying that I can’t join that group or that group doesn’t even exists.

Could you please help me? How can I get more information about becoming a doc builder?



Hi Maria!

The dropdowns on the “Find your builder” doesn’t seem to work……

i got the same issue. how do we join coda-makers

Hey all! How embarrassing - looks like I pulled the trigger on the email address a bit too early. Things should now be fixed!

  • now will accept your emails
  • The Right here link in the original post now goes to the doc with play mode


Who are you talking to?

Would be great if the Links to my template were active links

Great idea. We pull the answers in automatically from Typeform using Zapier, and give Makers the opportunity to submit up to 3 links, so the value that gets passed into the Coda is a string with a few commas in it. We could probably make this more user-friendly.

We could probably make this more user-friendly.

Or you can hire me, and I’ll make your Makerplace setup stellar :wink: :grin:

Talking about:

  • Admin panel where you can review and approve new makers
  • A public-facing doc where customers can find makers
  • The ability for makers to update their profile without your further vetting
  • The ability to contact a maker without seeing their email (not including it in a public-facing doc at all)
  • Some UI improvements as well
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Hi Paul,

Those are all really great suggestions. We do already have an admin panel on our side to manage the flow and approval of makers.

The point around makers being able to update their profiles is well-heard. Hopefully we will improve upon our ability to do that with more granular permissions which may or may not be coming soon. :slight_smile:

If you have some ideas for maker contacting and UI, I’d love to hear them. Want to send me a note at


No need for granular permissions. Just make a separate typeform where a user would be able to override their data. To authenticate the user, you can simply introduce some sort of a passphrase. If it matches, non-empty typeform responses overwrite existing data. If it doesn’t, the typeform is discarded.

I’ll send a note later when I have spare time for all that :slight_smile:

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That’s an impressive workflow - I like how you structured that.

Thanks Paul!

I’m wondering, has anyone (makers) got any gigs from this yet?

Because I haven’t. From the forum yes, from Makerplace none.


Thanks for letting us know @Paul_Danyliuk! One thing that Ben and I are prioritizing right now is making Makerplace even more prominent for our incoming new users. We want to shine a light on all the great skills we have in our community. In the meantime, let us know what other support we can provide. We’re here for you!

Thank you so much for your early interest in our Makerplace program! We wanted to reach out because we’ve had some questions about the state of supply and demand in the program.

We had big dreams for this program, but we’ve had some new constraints to work with since California passed AB5. The passing of this law limits how much Coda can do to manage a program. That being said, this shouldn’t stop you from making your own content and pursuing leads yourself. We definitely understand that this creates some obstacles, but there is a big advantage for you since Coda will NOT be taking a commission off of your projects.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at!

Thank you for being the best part of Coda!


@maria this :point_down: is happening again due to the doc being View Only

Thanks, @jeo - taking a look now.

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