Announcement: Apply to join the Coda experts directory

Do you love helping others solve challenges with Coda? Would you like to offer Coda consulting services? If so, you may be interested in joining our directory of Coda experts.

What’s the Coda experts directory?

It’s the place for Coda experts to market their skills, showcase past work, and grow their book of business. The directory is where teams looking to get the most out of their workspace can connect with experts who can help them develop creative solutions.

How do I join?

We’re currently accepting applications from agencies, consultants, and freelancers to join the directory. To qualify as a Coda expert, you should:

  • Have deep Coda knowledge.
  • Enjoy sharing your Coda expertise and solving tough challenges for makers running on or transitioning to Coda.
  • Have at least one Coda client testimonial or reference. If you don’t have Coda clients yet, you can provide a recording of yourself explaining something in Coda, walking from problem to solution.

Apply here to get started!

And thank you once again to our founding Coda experts (@Scott_Collier-Weir @Ariana_Cofone @Paul_Danyliuk @Brian_Sowards @Courtney_Milligan @Nina_Ledid @Vinny_Green @Karina_Mikhli @Christiaan_Huizer) for your passion in helping others learn Coda!


Good job @all :slight_smile:



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