A Marketplace to hire Coda experts

If I want to hire an Excel expert, I go Upwork and hire them.

For Coda experts, it’s very hard to find them (contractor or employee).

It would be great if there was a centralized marketplace of Coda experts for hire. Ideally, I would be able to click a button within Coda.io and access that marketplace.

If you are a Coda expert and are hirable, please DM me.

For Codans, if you know of good professionals for hire, I’d love a referral : )

There sorta is, however it’s pretty ‘pilot’ at the moment. It’s just a list of makers who signed up to be there, no ratings or other indication that they could be the best fit for you:

Also, I’m a Coda expert and hireable :slight_smile:

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Hi Raul! We just posted an update on this thread.Get Help. Give Help. Unfortunately, some new laws passed in California create some obstacles, but we’ve got some initial steps available.

You’re in the right place though - the community has tons of great folks!

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