We need your input for an upcoming program

:tada: Hello amazing Coda community! :tada:

We’re consistently blown away by the ingenuity, creativity, and all-around-awesomeness of you, our Maker community. We’ve got some ideas simmering about how to create opportunities for you to use Coda to build your brand :woman_superhero:, your business :office:, or maybe just increase the amount of cash in your pocketbook :moneybag:.

But it’s early stages, so we’d like to hear from you to make sure that whatever we build is going to be the perfect fit. If you’ve got a few minutes, we’d love if you could fill out this survey.

Thanks for being the best part of Coda!


Submitted! Been waiting for this.

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Awesome! Thanks Ben - we really appreciate you taking the time to shape this program. Have an awesome day! :wave:

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And want to learn more!

Woohoo! We’ll keep you posted!


Can I change an answer? I think I’ve written something wrong

I was thinking and something else you could sell is conversion services. i.e. take a existing excel tracking sheet and turn it into a Coda doc


Submitted! Can’t wait for follow-up emails

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Hello Maria,

Thank you for asking. I’m looking to digitize our 40y.o. retail business and maybe further take it omni channel someday with Coda.

Kudos to the Coda team!

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done, happy Friday, Alex

În vin., 26 apr. 2019 la 00:24, Maria Marquis via The Coda Community coda1@discoursemail.com a scris:

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Done! I’m not here as often as I used to be (to much work) but I’m still alive!


Super cool initiative!!!
I was going to suggest a market place and a business model for coda based on percentages and consultancies/maker services using Coda as a backbone for every type of business… and yes… this is a great initiative!

This is interesting. I am a bootstrapped indie maker whose main hustle is not ramen-profitable yet. And I also like tinkering with Coda to see how far I can push its limits — e.g. I made a chat bot and a Turing machine all on Coda. This can be a good freelancing opportunity for me — I’d much rather help people quickly automate workflows by building interactive docs than write yes-code solutions from scratch.



Question 10 asks for a name and e-mail address, but only provides one field for answering:

“Please share your name and the email address you would like us to send your invitation to - thanks!”

Hi Pedro,

Once you submit an answer, I don’t think you can re-submit the form. But, feel free to fill it out again and just answer that question.

Thanks for being part of the conversation!

This is an awesome idea, @Shannon_Massingill!

What a great initiative @Shyaam_Deshmukh! Let us know how we can help!

I hope we can help you get ramen-profitable! Stay tuned!

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Apologies for the confusion @Philippe-Andre_Lorin! I had thought folks could add both to the same field. We can certainly make an update.

I like Typeform, made in my hometown :sunglasses: Barcelona — but why not using a Coda :wink:

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