Chat bot engine

Hi everyone! :wave:
New here, but straight to the point.

— “Minecraft for docs,” eh? Let’s see if it got enough redstone!

A simple chat bot engine built on Coda!

Feel free to use it for quizzes, conversational onboarding, help topics, interactive novels and whatnot :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Easy to set up: just one table of When bot said → User can reply → Bot will say exchanges.
  • Supports dialog branching and merging (multiple replies per bot message; multiple bot messages leading to the same reply/ies).
  • You can use it as a scaffolding for games — e.g. you add an Inventory and make replies give / require certain items, and make text-based quests with it!

Check it out in action :point_down:

Built for Product Hunt Makers Festival.
If you like this experiment, you can vote for it here.


I have tried this IT IS AWESOME!!! :smile: :trophy: Hooray for @Paul_Danyliuk!

One request: can you put a “copy doc” button so I can use it and it will save?

@BODHI_SCHNEIDER :point_down: have fun!

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THANK YOU! I was wondering how to copy this doc since the pandemic started.

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Next level stuff - I will have to learn how to do this. Greattt job Paul

FYI I’m thinking of maybe relaunching it as 2.0 (with more eye candy) with a build-along video (where I rebuild this from scratch and comment on it)


This would be pretty symbolic, given that this was my first post in the Community ever, and look where I am now :smiley:


I’d love if you made a 2.0! :smile: And videos would be very helpful!

Hint: use coda’s SVG capabilities.

Yaayyy :tada: !

This is so cool :grin: ! I’ll personally be waiting patiently for your post :eyes: :blush: !

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That would be really cool! All build-along videos are really precious for learning new stuff and better understanding of more complex solutions! I cant wait for it :smiley:

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