[Tutorial / Build-along] How I made a Make Data Store sync pack

Today I had an urgent requirement to pull the data from our chat bot’s database into a Coda doc and make a report on that. The chatbot’s made on Make.com and the storage I use is Make’s own Data Store. Previously I was getting the data from Make into Coda on request and it would take a lot of effort and several hours to sync everything. I finally snapped and decided to make a pack for that.

And instead of just making the pack I decided to film it and turn into a sort of a lesson.

@Pch asked me earlier whether I could record something on Packs, specifically the “how to approach making a pack” side of things. So I guess it is. Enjoy :slight_smile:

P.S. The thumbnail is generated by the Edit Images pack! Please upvote it in the Community Voting Doc :raised_hands:


I only caught the end, but it was a fun stream. Looking forward to more in the future!

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