We need your input for an upcoming program

Great idea - form submitted!


submitted. haven’t been excited about a packaged software app … well, ever - until now.

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:loudspeaker: Update! :loudspeaker:

:rocket: We’re ready to launch our pilot version of this program. And, we’re challenging ourselves to run the program out of a Coda doc. We’re pretty proud of the setup, and excited to share it with you.

Before we send the details to potential customers, we need to gather the details of our makers to build your profiles.

Ready to get involved? Fill out this form. We’ll be in touch with next steps!


A few questions about the form:

  1. Question 7, Coda features.
    What is Change management, Excel (:scream:), Tag, Trainer/Facilitator, and User Research?
    The two last options seem like they belong in a different question, perhaps the previous one? (professional domains)

  2. I don’t yet have templates in a template gallery, but I certainly have stuff to show off. Can I just submit the links to the docs for now?

  3. Can I submit a personal website that’s not filled with info yet, but will sure as heck be in a week or two? It’s going to be a blog about coda tips & tricks (codatricks.com) — perfect for a doc builder’s profile, amirite? :grin:

Thanks for the questions!

For question 7:

  • Change Management is helping a business navigate process changes

  • Excel is the Microsoft Program,

  • Trainer/facilitator would be if you are also someone who gives classes

  • User research would be if you have experience designing experiments or focus groups

For the templates - feel free to send a link!
For the website - go for it!

Hope that helps!

Thanks. As for question 7, some of these options just felt strange for the “Coda skills” question and more appropriate for the “What’s your expertise” question (the previous one).

I guess, the Excel “coda skill” means I’m fairly comfortable with migrating existing Excel docs into Coda?

That’s correct! Since a lot of folks are coming from Excel solutions, we wanted to make sure people knew who has expertise in both places. Thanks for the feedback!

Then I hope I can change a few things about my profile later :slight_smile: I thought of a more compelling bio, but I already had submitted the form.

Submitted! but … may be too late, recent user of this forum .