[Offer] Let's get commercial!

Absolutely. This is the best platform I have ever encountered for people like me. It’s designed for “Problem Solvers” to create their own systems.


…BTW, have we fixed the “Lookup between Docs” yet?

We don’t have it available yet, but you’re not alone in this request!

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One way I can imagine is:

  1. You give me your PayPal / Stripe / whatever, possibly an invoice of a sort. I pay.
  2. You share your coda doc with me: add my email to the list of people who can “view or play” the doc.
  3. I copy the doc and use it myself.

One caveat — there’s nothing preventing me from re-sharing the doc further. However, same problem applied to CDs and DVDs once, and it didn’t stop them.

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Thanks Paul, I am after more of a solution that can be automated…it’s not so much for taking money, it’s just the automation of building an email list…

Ahhhh…the good ol’ days when you could just burn your friends CDs and DVDs…

Perhaps you can use some 3rd party service to automate giving out access to the doc? You can still make it shareable with everyone by the link, then set up your payment provider to send the user an email with the link upon purchase.

This will still have the same problem of anyone being able to reshare your doc. But that problem would be there anyway, so… maybe DRM-less docs are simply not the best medium to share your valuable knowledge that you want to charge for?

(I’m really intrigued tho what that could possibly be)

Now I am the one who is intrigued as to whether your intrigue is coming from:

  1. Coda being capable of an app that you will beg to get your hands on OR

  2. Me using Coda to make an app that you will beg to get your hands on

The latter.

I have a fair idea of what Coda is capable of, at least from technical standpoint — I made a snake game on it after all :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued what kind of knowledge you’re willing to sell. I imagine, it’s the knowledge that’s valuable, and Coda just happened to be the medium?

But judging from your username and logo, I guess it’s a list of hot single investors in my area? :slight_smile:

Ouch, that is a strange question, to the extent that it gives off some scammy vibes.

It was a bit of a joke mate, that’s all… a bit of Aussie humour…you’ll get used to it.

There’s a part of my app that I want to charge for and a bit of it I want to give away. I have used Zoho Creator (VERY fluent), Google appmaker (I would say, not AS fluent, but fluent), a few others to save some time here, but all the major ones. I am a property developer of all things, so, I can work shit out, but I’m no good at acronyms as I have a plethora of them and I just get confused. I don’t like hiring IT guys as I find they make great IT guys but can’t work shit out. So I took to these platforms myself and over the space of years I have developed (In Creator, then translated to Google appmaker, then went back to Excel with VBA, etc) a “Virtual Project Manager” for anyone wanting to invest in property or develop property and dont know how to. It does everything from deciding where to buy, to what to do and what champagne to buy for the girls at the celebratory party afterwards. I call it “WENDY”. And my friend, it was all done much simpler and with FAR more support in Coda than anything I have experienced.

I know I’m probably the exception, but I find this platform is written just for me as it is SO flexible. Which after trying off teh shelf products for years and being an absolute pain in the ass for details, I can not only create it, but I can use it.

So , I hope that satisfies your intrigue, thank you for your suggestions, but I need a solution that is fully automated as I’m not sure if you’ve tried to run 30 odd contractors from the seat of your ass while everyone is interstate but the last thing I want to do is check who has permissions and who does not and I’m not going to another platform ever again…purely because now, I’m being stubborn.

Love to all Codans


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Sorry if my remark offended you. If not for your previous messages that clearly proved that you were human, just that question along would totally give off an impression of a scam, or something Forex like.

And I totally get what you feel about Coda. It’s too damn brilliant in the way it allows you to build yourself an interactive doc for whatever kind of workflow you need, and then actually use it. I didn’t know before about the other two you mentioned. I took a look, and yeah, Coda is the best. It still needs better access control to be on par for enterprise use, but otherwise it offers all the same possibilities and more, in a better presentation, and so far for free.

As for payments, I think you could still automate it with e.g. setting up Stripe to send out an email with a doc link whenever a payment is received. Or if Stripe cannot send it out itself, perhaps it can ping a webhook, which you can then route through Zapier to a “send message” task. Or you can route it to Coda so that Coda stores the user info and sends that email. Or perhaps Zapier has a direct Stripe-to-Coda integration block. I never checked it myself because Stripe doesn’t support my country — which is a shame and rips me off of so many opportunities.

You’ll still have the “users can redistribute the doc” problem. But that’s just how Coda is — if a user has access to a doc, they can copy and share it. There’s no way to make the doc uncopyable and unshareable at the moment — I guess the only thing you can do here is write a feature request. FYI on automation side, there’s an API call to make a doc copy, but there’s no option to specify the emails to exclusively share the doc with.

I’m too broke at the moment to invest in property :slight_smile: so I guess I wouldn’t personally find your doc useful. Still I wish you luck!

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Also, we don’t know what Coda will charge once it’s out of beta. That’s an issue for me. I have an app that is almost ready to “sell”, but I’m worried about the monthly price to use Coda. I doubt my clients would appreciate another monthly fee.

Thanks guys, I didn’t take offence to anything so all good Paul…I was actually trying to line up for a joke…which is why I took the property path in life and not one of a comedian. I’m not sure what happened but I got in trouble for my posts from King Coda…nevertheless I must persist in finding a solution to this as I’m ready to hit the “Go” button and I have just migrated everything from Excel to Coda…the last thing I want to do is go back to Excel due to a “Distribution Issue.”

BTW Kurt, I have to be honest and say that is the one of the worst statements I have heard for not having a crack at something…I hope that thought has passed by now.


Check out this new post about next steps for our doc builder for hire program:

I am hoping to learn more about this as well! TIA

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Hey @Erik_Andersson1, could you let me know what you’re interested in learning or what you’d like to see here? Are you interested in charging for docs you built or are you interested in consulting? Thanks!

The consulting part is easy to figure out :blush:Even charging for the docs for a few clients isn’t too hard. What would be great is the ability to build a doc that independent users can sign up, and pay for, at scale while protecting intellectual property.


It would be a mix of both! Creating templated docs that are chargeable, but than also consulting to build customizable templates that fit ones exact needs.

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I’m sure @TSStrickand1 and @Lars_Hofstetter could share some thoughts around how to sell templates on Gumroad.

The workflow I’ve used and seen:

  1. Gumroad landing page with doc description + loom video.
  2. Zapier automation that sends an email to buyer with details and next steps.
  3. Share the doc in the email and allow user to make a copy.

I think for now that’s an easy setup. Do you think that workflow could work for you?

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Thanks for the shoutout! There are really a ton of ways to approach this, thanks to Coda’s awesome API. A couple thoughts:

  • I’d consider using Stripe’s Payment Link product instead of Gumroad, so you can avoid the additional fees that they charge. Just drop the payment link into a Coda button, and you’re set.
  • I’d consider using Coda’s “share doc” API endpoint to share doc’s with users directly, rather than allowing them to copy your templates. This feature, along with Coda’s recent support for disabling copying of doc’s, allows you to retain a lot more control over how your documents are used and opens up entirely new use cases. For instance, you could build a subscription product on top of Coda and revoke access to a user’s doc’s if their subscription lapses for X number of days.

Just some thoughts. I’m working on a larger guide to monetizing Coda doc’s, so lookout for that. In the interim, I shared some other ideas and examples on Twitter (see below). Happy building! :beers:

Today, I launched Pitch Book — a tiny product for organizing your #publicrelations workflow built on @coda_hq. Afterward, a couple folks asked about selling Coda templates. So I thought I'd share my approach. (If you want to buy Pitch Book, see the attached 🧵) #buildinpublic https://t.co/tzvaIEXzrn

— T.S. Strickland ✍️👨‍💻 (@TSStrickland1) June 23, 2021
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How did you go?

Interesting you want to make a fixed app on a no code site, for a fixed workflow. Something I think so greeat about Coda is is that it is so customizable. Give teams or companies horizontal flexibility and listen to them considerately to understand their needs, they likely will share differently and the end product app would be more specific to their use cases and processes.

From there I see great consulting oppotunities from those that understand taking requirements and project managment, and delivering on promises.

I dont see opportunities for building ‘the latest best app’ here that will be used over and over - even hidden tables or linked docs with ‘piece tables’ missing that support the app (like hiding the code so it can’t be resold) doesn’t seem to work here, which is why it’s great for Coda as a business and why they are sharing so many incredible templates out there

(Seems to be also as a catch up to Notion to get great use cases in the community shared for free … )

It’s trello - but docs and better - it’s too flexible.

Just my thoughts

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