Launched: Send emails without the `Sent via this doc` signature

Hello everyone!

We have added the ability to hide the signature at the bottom of emails sent via Coda. Here is a small gif that illustrates how to do so.



@Himanshu are all existing implementations of an email button defaulted to include the signature? We would need to go back and audit each existing instance and enable this, right?

edit: if so - can you advise the easiest way to find all instances of the implementation? Would it be through the pack?

@Johg_Ananda This feature addition will not change the behavior of any existing email buttons. Unfortunately there is no way to list out all the buttons, however, you can find all the documents that use the gmail pack by following the steps below

  1. Open account settings
  2. Scroll down to view the accounts connected to packs
  3. Expand the gmail account to view the docs that are using the account.

Here is a gif illustrating how to do this.

Hope that helps

Many Thanks :clap::+1::pray:
But looks like the feature is not published yet. I still have only these options:

Dear @Himanshu,

Great reflection on the demand of the community :clap::clap::clap:

Thanks :blush:

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Hi Thomas

Can you send me a direct message with the doc url for which you are unable to see this option?


Hello @Himanshu,
It’s good to know that Coda listens the users feedback.
It makes us trust more in the product.
If we all (Coda Development Team + Users Community) work together, we can make from Coda a much better product.
Thank you very much! :+1:

Gmail pack showing error sending email.
I’m using domain email btw. And it’s connected With Gmail.

Dear @Avik_Majumder,

I suggest to get in contact with
and share your details to receive support on this bug.