[Correction] Please remove the "Sent via this Coda doc" on the footer of emails sent via Gmail Pack

The Gmail Pack is probably one of the most interesting features of Coda.
To be able to send automatic emails, combined with custom layouts and formulas is amazing and it’s a feature that works very well.
But, on this moment, there’s an important drawback: everytime an email is sent, Coda adds a line in the end with the words “Sent via this Coda doc” with a link back to the doc…
This doesn’t make any sense, it creates confusion (specially for someone that receives one of this emails and doesn’t know what Coda is) and it can also create a security issue, as someone who receives one of this emails can access the complete Coda Doc in case we forget to disable external access…
So, Coda Development Team, I kindly ask you: please remove this line from the system!
Who agrees with me?


I think as of today, since Coda is still free, that’s a “nice” strategy to promote Coda to as much people as possible…
I think that once the price model of Coda will be set, if you PAY, you’ll be able to remove this signature :slight_smile:
It can be a nice feature to have for letting Coda start monetizing the hard work they are doing… :slight_smile:

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I agree there are some security issues like this. If you do an embed and hide the sections list, it feels like you’ve limited the doc to just the embed, but there is an ‘Open in Coda’ button that does the same thing - boots up the entire doc for any random viewer.

I agree this is a great way for the to evangelize their product AND it is very limiting.

@Johg_Ananda - the doc is viewable only for those people you have shared it with. So if you keep the permissions on the doc limited then no random viewer will be able to view it. They will see a page letting them ask for access.

Agree with @Orbitrix_Consulting || Even if there’s a checkbox to remove the option to link back to the doc… that’d be great.

Following @Francesco_Pistillo’s line of thought, a compromise would be to have it link to the Coda.io homepage and not the doc itself.


Is the concern here branding or privacy?

Definitely Privacy. Automatically including a link in every email may work in some cases, but definitely not all. For example, anyone who’s using this as a CRM platform and sending emails wouldn’t want to share customer information & wouldn’t want to give someone a link to a doc that doesn’t work.

As for Branding, if it’s a marketing standpoint & required, a reasonable compromise might be at least letting the user select the font/formatting so it doesn’t seem unprofessional by being inconsistent with the formatting of the rest of the email.

^^Sorry for the run-on sentence.

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Hello everyone. Going a bit deeper on this topic:
Coda is a tool that we can use to build a great variety of systems (be it an internal management system for a team, a CRM, event planning, task management and tons of other things). On many of this scenarios, it can make sense to send emails directly from our doc. And, there are 3 types of recipients for an email: we can send an email to ourselves (like a reminder), we can send emails to people with which our doc is shared with (our team members) and we can send emails to anyone else.
In none of this scenarios I’m interested in sending emails with a link to my Coda Doc, because: me and my team don’t need a link to our doc, because we already have it where it makes sense > in the browser favourites bar! And to send an email (be it a report, a tasks list or whatever) to someone else with a phrase and a link to a doc regarding something they have no idea what it is, simply doesn’t make sense…
Because of this, on this moment, there are some emails that I could send via Coda, that I’m just not sending.
I understand that today, on the free version on many email marketing services (like MailChimp) a line with a link to the service is added. The difference is that, on MailChimp for example, I have the option of using the free version and having a link back to MailChimp or paying a fee for not having that line. On Coda, we simply don’t have an option…
And I believe that, if the idea is to promote Coda, there are for sure better ways to do it. Having this line, will only force users to use other systems to send their emails and to lose a great Coda functionality.
So please, once again, just remove it!

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We have now added support to let you hide the signatures if you want to hide them.