Emailing Graph View using Gmail Pack

Hi fellow Codan,

I just stumble across the template for the Gmail packs where user can simply email the chosen section from the my entire coda doc.

However upon trying to send the email of a graph view, i found out the email received convert it back to table form. Anyone know is it possible to straight away email and view the graph on the sent email.

My current workaround on this problem is i will take the screenshot of the graph, upload it to tinypic to generate the web link and then paste it again in the section. Then only i can ensure the graph is visible when i email it. Sort of cheating and i can have the hover over the graph to view the number when using this method as it is a picture. Quite tedious isn’t?

Below is the screenshot of my section i wanted to email:

Below is the one received on my email

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The same problem here. I didnt find a workaround yet.