GMail Pack Chart Support

I’d love to be able to send mail from one of my documents using the GMail Pack and have it include charts. This would allow me to automate some reporting on one of our practices. I asked chat support about a month ago about this, and it was not something currently supported – is there an ETA for this?


No ETA but there is a group looking closely at this so all I can say is we are working on it. Thanks for your patience!

Resurrecting this one. Any news to share here, by chance?


Any news? I’m also interested in this

Would be still very interested in that!

second to this, this would be a great addition


+1 Also
That would be awesome for us to send weekly report to our dev teams

I would really love if that is implemented.

As a project manager, it is crucial for me to be able to communicate progress with the stakeholders. I use charts for tracking progress (S-Curves, etc.), so being able to see them on the email content is crucial.

Hope to see that soon! :wink:

Charts in Email isn’t supported yet, but I did start this topic with my own workaround for others to expand on or to try their own solution.