How to automatically set up the date and time when pressing a button

Hey guys! I’m kind of new here, and this might be a very basic question, but I’m struggling to figure it out by myself.

I have a button set up to automatically send an email (1) , and on the same table I also have a “SUBMITTED ON” cell (2)

I’d want the SUBMITTED ON cell to be automatically filled out with the exact date and time at the moment when I press the SEND button, but I can’t seem to find the right formula to make this work.

I’d be glad if you could help me out, or at least redirect me to an article where I can learn how to do that by myself.

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If you want buttons to do just one action, you can configure them with the drop-downs under the action section (I’m guessing this is how you’ve configured the button to send the email right now).

If you want buttons to do multiple things, click the f button beside Action to go into formula mode. Then you can do multiple things with the RunActions() formula, for example:

        [Submitted On],

Thanks Nick! I’ll check it out

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