Press button on specific date

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Is there a way to push a button on a specific date? Here’s what I’ve been trying to do:

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Dear @Jay_Lefebvre,

Did you have a look to this post, hopefully it gives you the right direction. :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

Automation to press button with time based formula

Will take a look at it, thank you! :upside_down_face:

I tried to add the formulas in my doc, I even reproduced the table model but it doesn’t work… Not sure to understand which formula goes where… Any help on this would be truly appreciated :pray:

*You can edit it (if you have time) :slight_smile:

Hi @Jay_Lefebvre,

Can you tell me a little more of what you want to do here? Do you want to copy the Info cell value over when it is August 1rst or on August 14?

Do you want this copy done as soon as the row is added or do you want to an automation to run daily and make the updates to tell you who you need to follow up with today?

Thank you @mallika

So the info cell would be transferred only on August 14. That way we would know on a daily basis who we should follow up with (the automation would run daily and would press all the buttons, but most would be disabled since they are not due for today).

The ultimate goal is to automate our Halfway Follow Up strategy. On our first call, we ask to the lead when they would like to move in their new house. Once we have that date, we will follow up in the middle (If they want to move in on October 31 and today is October 1st, we will follow up on October 15. Then we cut the time in half again ((31-15)/2): next follow up is October 23. (And so on until the due date is reached). All of this would be calculated in a table, and we would get reminders on these dates.

I’ll be happy to share my doc if you have any ideas around how I could build this kind of system :laughing:

*Sorry for the long reply, just wanted to put some context around where I’m going with this :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining - it helps me.

So, the simplest way to do this (that I can think of) is you create a view of the Infos here table and add a filter to it to only show the tasks that are due today.
Do you want the notification as an email or Coda notification ( or slack if you use that) ?

Again, thanks for your help @mallika,

An email would be great. I had thought about the filter since I have something similar in my doc. How could I send an email on all the specific dates?

Other question: what happens if the team doesn’t have the time to make the call on the same day? Will the row disappear on the next day? That’s why I was trying to create a new row so that it stays in the table until the call is made.


How do you want to check is call is made? By deleting the row in the new table?

I would add a column with a checkbox in the “Infos Here” to check off when a call is made. Then your filter would be updated to include all the rows where checkbox is false and Date is less than today. This would also be good for historical purpose ( to know it was done indeed)

For emails - you can email all the content in a section very easily. There is an example on how to do it. Use the example in your doc, delete the sample table it creates and copy the view you want emailed over. You’ll be set!

@mallika Pm’d you :slight_smile: