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I’m new to Coda and just started today to create a Bills Payment Tracker. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to automate pushing the “Renew” button when the Due Date column is Today(). I tried to do the Automation but every time I run test, it pushes all of the column’s buttons even though in the Step 2 (If condition), it targeted the correct row.

My goal is if Auto-debit is On, I no longer have to click “Pay Bills” and it will automatically push the Renew button to create a duplicate of that row for the next month. The Pay Bills button will be our manual payments. I’ve disabled the buttons based on the Auto-Debit condition.

Here’s the formula I have for the “Pay Bills” button:

RunActions(AddRow([DB Bills],[DB Bills].[Biller Name],thisRow.[Biller Name],[DB Bills].[Payment Account],thisRow.[Payment Account],[DB Bills].Cycle,thisRow.Cycle,[DB Bills].Status,Pending,[DB Bills].[Auto-Debit],thisRow.[Auto-Debit],[DB Bills].[Due Date],thisRow.[Next Due Date],[DB Bills].RRule,thisRow.RRule,[DB Bills].Amount,thisRow.Amount),ModifyRows(thisRow,thisRow.[_Next recurrence created?],true,thisRow.Status,Paid))

I’d like to recreate this in the Renew Button “automatically” and only if the Due Date is Today.

Thanks so much in advance!~

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Hey there!

There is multiple ways to do this

  1. Just put a disable criteria on the button itself in the buttons advanced settings. Cause the button to be disabled if the due date is not today. Then, have your automation push all the buttons every day. Because the buttons are appropriately disabled it will only execute the action on the buttons you want.
  2. In the action of your automation use a formula that filters for rows where due date = today() and then trigger all those actions. Something like the formula below.


Thank you so much! It’s now working. But I’m still unsure if I did the Automation targeting right, because it returned some “Row Not Found” in the test results.

Here’s the DisabledIf criteria:

Here’s the Automation:

Test Result:

I wonder why it’s returning 4 items instead of 2? And showing a “Row Not Found”. Thanks so much!~

You really don’t need the if condition in the automation at all!

But if you did want it, you need an argument to return true/false.

A filter by itself returns an array of rows

Therefore, you could run a count() on your filter to see if the returned array had a count()>0

Which will then return true/false. But in this case, since you said the disabled criteria on the button, you do not need that if condition in the automation

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