How to set up reminder on Due Date

greetings to all, first of all, I’m an absolute rookie in and writing functions in general, so I need some help.

I would like to do a seemingly simple thing.

For reference, I made a table that you can see in the image below.

I would like pressing the “set reminder” button to create a notification that will be delivered on the desired date and time from the “Due Date for Reminder” column to the person selected as the agent.

If anyone has a solution or can do it in this table, I would be very grateful for any help.

If someone knows how to make pressing a button offer a date and time menu that would be even better.

Kind Regards!

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Hi @Matej_Calic, check out this video where I show you how to set up that button. Let me know if I can help further

That was not helpful, but thanks for response. I want to schedule and notification to be delivered on date and time that i have set in another column. Simple Coda app alert (notification) with predefined text on specific time and date in future (like an reminder for to-do list)

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I see, so it sounds like you would like the notification to be automatic, instead of you clicking the button manually? If so, you may try to use native automation, from the :gear: icon at the top right corner of your doc. The trigger could be “every hour”. The filter could be “if due date for reminder in Table 1 is <= now()”. The action could be either “push button” (the one in Table 1), or directly “notify user”.

Let me know if this is helpful

Dear @Simone_Smerilli, thank you for response, but I want to create simple “remind me” button witch triggers notify alert for me or my team members (that is set in people column) on specific date or date and time i have set in another column.

As you can see on image

  1. column is Person
  2. column is date picker, so i can pick a date i would like to be reminded on.
  3. column is button that i press only when i want to be reminded for the task which is described in other column.

So i want to trigger button manually only when date is seelcted.

Kind Regards, and thanks for trying to help me!


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Hi Julian,

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