Simple notification system for tasks?

Hey all,

It feels like there is no obvious, straightforward way to set up automatic task reminders in Coda.

The way I would do it is as follows:

  1. Create task table with task name, assigned team member and due date
  2. Create a formula column that deducts x days from due date as a “reminder date” column
  3. Create a button column that sends a reminder to assignee on the reminder date column
  4. Set up an automation that runs daily to presses the button for all the rows in the task table for which reminder date is today

I am fine to do this myself but it’s quite a lot to explain to someone who is setting up their own docs who isn’t as knowledgeable about Coda. Is there some simpler way somehow that I’m missing? This seems like a table stakes function that currently needs a lot of work to implement.


Hey @Tim_Richardson1,

The process you have there is the correct one for setting up reminders. Within that process there are simple versions to achieve what you are looking for and more complex versions.

Now, you could use of the new AI features to compose the messages etc to send out which would cut down on stuff, but it’s still a learning curve, but with clear instructions, patience and practice (as it sounds like you know having built things) it quickly becomes second nature :slight_smile:

The only other element that may help in this type of scenario is to build it once, templetize it and then make sure it’s on the workspace you are working on. That way you can add it to a doc with just the “/” command.

Hope that helps!


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