Due date reminders / notifications

Hi Coda community,

maybe you are in the same situation as me and have lots of tasks in many different tables and documents. Keeping track of due dates can be difficult sometimes if you don’t open a projects doc very often.

Therefore i suggest a reminder / due date notifications feature: There could be date field setting “remind when” (maybe below the date format setting) where you can add a formula like “responsible = user() AND due = today() AND completed = false”. Whenever the condition is true, a notification is sent to the notifications inbox and via email (if enabled in the notification settings). The notification contains all the data from the item you are being reminded about plus a link directly to the table it is coming from (or to the detail view). This way you won’t miss a due date of a task that is important to you.

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Very good suggestion.
I currently use services like Todoist, Trello and Google Calendar to register and organize my tasks. Using Coda, I have considered the possibility of migrating completely to the platform, but some features present in other services still keep me stuck. Due date reminders is one of these features. I would love to see this implemented in Coda.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Saskia_Bader, we are planning on rolling out a feature like this in the future. Stay tuned!

How far in the future are we speaking of here?

@Tomas_Jansson Most likely in the next 1-2 months!

@Al_Chen_Coda do you complete this suggestion.

Hi @Loi_Quang_Ho, yes we rolled out the Automations feature which can trigger notifications for you. See this help article for more information about this feature.

You may have received an e-mail about this, but we are tracking all new product features at coda.io/updates. If you go to that URL, you’ll see a view-only Coda doc that highlights all recent and historical updates to the platform!