Due date reminders / notifications

Hi Coda community,

maybe you are in the same situation as me and have lots of tasks in many different tables and documents. Keeping track of due dates can be difficult sometimes if you don’t open a projects doc very often.

Therefore i suggest a reminder / due date notifications feature: There could be date field setting “remind when” (maybe below the date format setting) where you can add a formula like “responsible = user() AND due = today() AND completed = false”. Whenever the condition is true, a notification is sent to the notifications inbox and via email (if enabled in the notification settings). The notification contains all the data from the item you are being reminded about plus a link directly to the table it is coming from (or to the detail view). This way you won’t miss a due date of a task that is important to you.

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Very good suggestion.
I currently use services like Todoist, Trello and Google Calendar to register and organize my tasks. Using Coda, I have considered the possibility of migrating completely to the platform, but some features present in other services still keep me stuck. Due date reminders is one of these features. I would love to see this implemented in Coda.

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Thanks for the suggestion @Saskia_Bader, we are planning on rolling out a feature like this in the future. Stay tuned!

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How far in the future are we speaking of here?

@Tomas_Jansson Most likely in the next 1-2 months!

@Al_Chen_Coda do you complete this suggestion.

Hi @Loi_Quang_Ho, yes we rolled out the Automations feature which can trigger notifications for you. See this help article for more information about this feature.

You may have received an e-mail about this, but we are tracking all new product features at coda.io/updates. If you go to that URL, you’ll see a view-only Coda doc that highlights all recent and historical updates to the platform!


@Al_Chen_Coda Any updates to when this feature will be added?

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@Brienne-OTarth - you can setup notifications using automations to do this -

“yes we rolled out the Automations feature which can trigger notifications for you. See this help article for more information about this feature.”

Automations are nice, but they can only run at constant time or interval. The time is “hardcoded” in the automation settings and cannot depend on doc data.

I believe the posters above, and myself too, are interested in scheduling a notification via an Action. Perhaps some kind of versatile Schedule(Action, Duration or DateTime) action that would perform a provided action at specified instant or after specified timeout.

Example: a Pomodoro timer doc where I want to receive a notification exactly 25 minutes after I pressed “Start”.

Alternatively you could add actions for managing automations programmatically (i.e. create, update, delete rules using buttons in the doc).


Thanks, but I guess I was thinking about the original suggestion from a different use case, such as notifications triggered based specific table values.
Let’s take the below table I created today:

.embed-container { position: relative;height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I could a reminder to be triggered two days before the date value from the “Task Due” column. However, the automation settings are very limited since it doesn’t seem to allow you to build value-based triggers.

The second thing I tried to do was to create an “Add to Calendar” button which would allow you to add a calendar event for specific list items. However, I had a lot of trouble figuring this one out…

Any suggestion or help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hey Brienne!

What you can do in your situation is set up the automation to run every day, and when it runs check if there are items due for notification (in the IF section), and if there are, show the notification in THEN section:

WHEN can be e.g. 9:00 AM each day
Formula for the IF: [Sample Table for Coda].Filter([Task Due] >= Today() - Days(2)).IsNotBlank()
Formula for the THEN notify title can be: Concatenate("Due tasks in: ", Join(", ", [Sample Table for Coda].Filter([Task Due] >= Today() - Days(2)).Task.Unique()))

P.S. Didn’t know that they had discovered the internet in Westeros already. Can you please ask Bran if he foresees good future for Coda? Should I invest?

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How about if there are more than 1 user and every person would have to receive their own notifications for their own tasks?


Hi @Paul_Danyliuk,
Apologies for my late response, I replied a few days ago via my iphone but the email bounced back. Anyway, thank you for sharing this, I will definitely play with this and let you know how it goes.
While I have your attention, would you care to help me with the new “CreateEvent” button I added?

Basically, I’d like the button to Create a new Calendar event based on whatever “Task Due” is selected. I am guessing this requires me to ungroup the table, which is completely fine. But I’m unsure how to put this formula together. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

And lastly, here is Bran’s response to your question.

Okay, so I just tried the formula and it worked, thank you very much!
Just a quick question – how can I customize the email so that the subject and body references specific details from the task (i.e. “Task”, “Due Date” etc)

@Brienne-OTarth oh sorry, now it was me who overlooked the reply.

Do you still need help with something, or did you figure it out?

Ah, Bran… useless as always.

P.S. Notify doesn’t let you specify the title and the text — only the message. If you want richer controls you’ll need a Gmail pack or some other way to send out emails.

@Stefan_Stoyanov I haven’t tried it myself, but I think you can modify the “Then” action to be a collection of actions using FormulaMap. For that you’ll need to switch to the formula mode.

The action would be something like this:

[Tasks].Filter([Task Due] >= Today() - Days(2)).User.Unique().FormulaMap(
    Notify(CurrentValue, Join(", ", [Tasks].Filter([Task Due] >= Today() - Days(2) AND User = CurrentValue).Task))

i.e. for every user in a filtered subset, send a notification that will list all tasks from that subset for that user (CurrentValue will be the user)

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