Multiple task reminder to Slack

Hello! I am wondering how to connect CODA and Slack in an efficient way so we can receive reminders from our Upcoming, Due and Overdue task.

I have a simple to-do table with Task, Owner and Due Date. Each row can have different tasks, owner and dates.

I would like to send reminders to the owners (CODA user and Slack user e-mail is the same) in several occasions:

  • 1 month before the task Due
  • 1 week before the task Due
  • 1 day before the task Due
  • On the day when the task Due
  • Everyday when a task is Overdue

I would like to send it to the CODA app channel within the Slack, but if that is not possible it can be sent also to the Owner’s own private message.

It would be important to include to the private message some information about the Task. E.g. The task itself, the name or number of the project the task is related to, a link to the CODA doc/table and the exact Due date.

Can you suggest a procedure to implement this?

Thank you very much in advance!

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