Updating a date monthly

I have a list of expenses that recur each month. I’m trying to figure out how set a date so that if the current date hasn’t reached due date for the expense it stays whatever the date is in the field, but then updates to the next month when the due date passes.

I’ve tried to replicate and modify how I have this set up in Excel/Numbers, but cannot figure out how to translate this in Coda’s language. Here’s the current formula:


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hello there and welcome to the community!

If I’ve understood you right here is example. Update button in each row updates the date to the left if this date in less than or equal to Today() and adds one month to it. Otherwise, nothing happens:

Yes! Ideally it would be great if it simply updated based on “today’s” date upon opening the doc, but I’m not too lazy to press a button on opening. Thanks so much for this.

You can set up an automation rule that triggers every day and presses Update all button :slight_smile: