Coda Automation - Duplicate row and update a date value

Can someone please help me with this automation?

In my update values, I have selected the drop down “Due Date” and I am not sure how to add days or weeks to the value?
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Hi @Melissa_Empey,

You can add days to a date just by using +. For example -

Today() + 3
Due Date + 7

Hope that helps,


Thank you, but I don’t believe that I am using the correct formula. I am trying to figure out what formula to use in order to update the value of my original due date in my automation and add 30 days to this date.

I haven’t used automations in Coda much so I have done a bit of playing around. The problem seems to be that you can’t access column values from the rows being duplicated from within the automation. Thus, you could use the automation to add a month to the date the automation is being run, but not to the Due Date of the row being duplicated (at least as far as I have been able to work out).

Therefore my best suggestion at present is to create a button on the doc canvas that would do what you are wanting to do, and then use the automation to “push” the button. I may have a bit more of a look into it if I get a chance.

In terms of the formula to use though, the “RelativeDate” formula is the correct one to use to add a month to a date. So, RelativeDate(Due Date, 1) would add 1 calendar month (rather than just “30 days”) to the Due Date.

If you are new to Coda this is a fairly advanced task to be starting with. But, there are a lot of coda videos on YouTube (they have their own channel), and documents on the help site.

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