"Later than" for automatic emails


in one of my docs I would like to send automated email reminders like:
If Column “Solved?” is blank after 9am today, send the reminder.

Every day the doc automatically pushes a button. The button will be disabled, if every condition is fulfilled. If not it activates and sends an email.

I found the “Now” formula to define current date and time, but how can I say that “Now” shall be later than a certain date & time?

I’ve achieved something similar with the following approach:

  • Create an automation rule that runs every hour, but only pushes the button if the value of the “Last email” column is less than today() (add an IF condition to the automation rule)

  • Set up the button to take multiple actions, using the runactions() function

  • The first action taken by the button is to send the email. If you want to restrict the hours in which the email is sent, you can enclose the SendEmail function within an if() statement, e.g. if(now()>=time(9,0,0) and now()<time(18,0,0), SendEmail(account, to, subject, content, cc, bcc, from, replyTo), _Noop)

  • The second action taken by the button is to update the “Last Email” column to have the value of now() (use the modifyrows() function)

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