Late emails on automation

Hello everyone,
I have weird problem with automatic emails - they are being sent with up to 1 day late which is a big problem.
I have a Doc for Sales team that has a functionality of sending reminders before a sales meeting. It works as follows:

  1. Google calendar events table in a Doc, connected to their calendar for meetings
  2. 1 row table to insert data of a meeting into
  3. Hidden field that concatenates info into one field
  4. Button that adds an event to the calendar, with title set as field from step 3. and guest also from the same 1 row table.
  5. After creating an event the table refreshes itself
  6. In that Events table there is a hidden field “Reminder” with calculation: If(Now()+Duration(0,1)>=thisRow.[Początek],true,false)
    where [Początek] is a field that indicates the beginning of a meeting with date and hour
  7. Automation that triggers whenever there is a row change in Events table, that looks upon “Reminder” field.
    It has an if statement: thisRow.[Step 1 Result].Przypomnienie=true. ("Przypomnienie means Reminder, it is the same field as Reminder I just translated it here for clarity of purpose) .
    Then statement clicks the button that just sends an email and nothing more.

The issue is that users receive the emails sometimes 1 day too late, sometimes it’s few hours. Either way there is not much point in a reminder that you can see some time after the meeting.

I am not sure if this is a bug with Gmail pack (It is used to send emails in this Doc) or some optimisation issue with a Doc.