Time specific automatic reminder messages are defeating me

I’m trying to send automated slack messages to co-workers based off their set reminder times.

The use case is for a call log with a column for reminder date and time.

Unfortunately I can’t trigger off “reminder time=now()”.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. I tried creating a google calendar event add button that would then pass the reminder responsibilities over to google, however I wasn’t able to figure out how to package the call log entry information into the event summary dynamically, nor add a record link.

Then I tried using Lean Zubrezki’s scheduler pack, however I still haven’t figured out how to use it. (feeling dumb atm)

Now I’m trying to accomplish this by creating a time-based automation to run every hour.

the “if” section is the following:
[Master Call-log].Filter([Reminder Date]>Now() AND [Reminder Complete]=false)

The thinking here is is the reminder date and time is after now and the “Reminder Complete” checkbox hasn’t been checked then the reminder will continue to send. However when I run the test, it’s only sending one of my two test reminders and when the “Reminder Completed” box =true, its still sending the message.

I think Lean Zubrezki’s scheduler pack is the way to go! What part are you struggling with? I recommend using Now("minute") + Minutes(delay_in_minutes) for the when parameter, that’s what I struggled with myself

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Added the recommendation in the Start Here doc, thanks @Rickard_Abraham !

@Dustin_Good1 take a look at the Start Here doc, you will find instructions on how to get the different ids from your doc, table, column and row.


I found a work around that actually works better than my previous solution.

Though I thought I could just fire off a slack message at a specific time and it would solve our problem…it turns out that logistically this is more involved than I anticipated and after consulting with the customer service team again, they indicated a series of reminders living only in Slack might not really help the issue.

So what I did instead was add the Google Calendar pack and add a “Create Event” button column. In conjunction with a “reminder date & time” field this button adds an event (aka reminder) to a newly created “Customer Service Reminder” calendar. This calendar serves as a nice visual to view reminders for the day / week / month but it also enables the use of reminders from Google.

So now I just have to ask customer service reps to add Google Calendar app to their Slack and they will begin receiving slack messages reminding them of their Created Reminder + the team will have a shared calendar to see every reminder which helps when reps take days off.

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