Automatic Slack reminders 1 week before the task due

I have a to-do list with assigned people. I want to setup an automation which sends a Slack private message to the task owner 1 week before the task due.

So there is Task - Due Date - Owner. All 3 columns have different values and I only want to send reminders to Slack from those tasks which due dates are within 1 week and I want to send it to the specific person who is the owner of the task.

I was testing to setup an automation but I can’t get my head around how to formulate the “IF” part in the Automation.

  1. Trigger - daily: Each day 10 a.m. the automation triggers

  2. IF Due date is Today + 7 days —> Tasks.[Due date]= Today() + Days(7)

  3. Then send a private Slack message to the task owner

Now. I understand that there is a flaw in this logic as at the IF part the output will be all those tasks which falls under the condition, but then how can I separate them to send Task 1,2,3 to one person and Task 4,5,6 to another person in Slack.

Also the IF formula always give false somehow, I can’t really set it properly.

Any thought how can I do this?

Link to doc: 155. Solidarity Roots

Hi @Tamas_Mahner

  1. The filter should take the due date exactly one week after today or all the tasks due by now and the next week?
    Such as Tasks.Filter([Due date] <= Today()+Days(7))

  2. What I usually suggest is to make a mutton with all the logic and create the automation just to push the button. That way you have more logic control and it’s easier to test/maintain the code.
    So the button would be:

Tasks.Filter([Due date]<= Today()+Days(7)).WithName(tasks, 
       Slack::PostMessage({account}, currentValue.Task, {channelOrEmail}) // your sending logic
, _Noop())))

I hope this helps.


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