Daily Notification for Due date expiry

I’ve tried to find examples in this community and on the help page, but have not had much luck so far. So I hope you could help me in the right direction. We have tried to create automations to to send notifications each day, but have failed to find the right set of formulas.

We have a task table for our organization, and we would like to have two kind of notifications for expired Due dates. Sent to the assigned persons for the task. This is what we’d like to achieve.

Regular daily notification

  • Each day at 10.00 send notification if…
  • Tasktable.Done=false and Tasktable.DueDate<DateToday (for each task)
  • Send notification to Assigned person

All my attempts to produce a working Automation based on this has failed. I suspect that it’s mostly because I don’t know how to transfer the tasks from the If part to the notification part I guess.

Weekly mail summary

  • Each week on Sunday send summary of tasks for each assigned person if…
  • Task Due date is within next 7 days (sorted on due dates, with Task name)

I tired with the following automation.
when: weekly schedule
if: [Tasktable].Filter([Tasktable].Duedate> Today())
Notify, Tasktable.Responsible.
Concatenate([TaskTable.task, ’ has expired’)

This just gave me expired task notification, but I got a list of all the tasks in the table, for each of the two notifications (had two tasks expired). I have yet to add the gmail pack to send this as a mail. But I’ll do that shortly.

Anyone have some advice, examples or references to how this could be done?

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Are there so few that use the Notification feature based on Due dates? Or perhaps I’ve written this so complicated that few get my question? :joy:

Anyone have an idea as how to create the formula to notify on taks from a table with passed dues dates?

Dear @Carl_Haugen

May I refer you to this post, credits to @Christiaan_Huizer

If your notifications are time sensitive, I recommend to check this post, credits to @Paul_Danyliuk