Automatic weekly tasks notification in Slack

Hi is there any way to get Slack to notify people each week the title of their tasks and the due date each week? I can see how to do it for Gmail but Slack would be better.

EDIT: actually I’m not even sure how to do it so each team member gets their own email, I can only see how a named person would do so and so would have to create an automation for each team member.

Hey @Jonathan_Richardson I think the easiest way to accomplish this would be make a Slack button that posts the content you want, and create an automation that runs weekly.

Thanks that would be simple to set up but would mean logging in each week. If the alternative is to use email could I set that up to run automatically to notify team members of their tasks due that week and any overdue ones?

You don’t need to log in to have the automation run … what makes you think that @Jonathan_Richardson?

Okay to clarify, I took it that having a button would mean I would have to open the document and push it each week (or whenever I want it sent). Do you mean that an automation can push the button for me?

In which case I would create a view of my task table and have each team member’s tasks that fall within a certain date range and have a column with the button?

Yes exactly you can have an automation run weekly to ‘press all buttons’ in a table. Use the ‘disable if’ aspect of the button to disqualify rows buttons you don’t want pushed.

Thanks I have built it but the weird thing is that Slack won’t notify me I have a new message. I suppose as it is being sent from myself to myself, but I don’t even get a notification dot on Slack (and I am meant to get notified about everything). So @Jonthan won’t alert me if the reminder is sent to me as a direct message, it just looks as plain text, not highlighted that it is alerting me. Whereas if I send it to a channel then @channel will notify everyone (and @channel will be highlighted as triggering a notification).

Ignore that, I dug into the guidance and used UUID substitutes to get it to work