Reminder E-Mail

I want a reminder-email on a due date.
I set up an automation. But it always gives me “false” as REsult. Why ist that?


My Table ist called “Master” and i have a row “Termin”

Hey @Vesely_Architektur, one thing I’d recommend is flipping the order in the If() condition, so it reads as [Master].[TERMIN]=Today(). If it still shows as false, I think that sometimes happens in the setup even if the condition matches, so I’d recommend testing the automation itself to make sure it works, and/or turning it on and seeing if it runs on the expected days. If it’s failing, it’d be helpful to see your doc, so if you can share it here that’d be great!

i made a test doc, doesnt work. can you please check?

problem seems to be that i should reference only to one line/row, but it takes the results of all the rows. with one row it works fine. should i use something liek “thisrow”?

in case any body wonders…i figured it out:

  1. make a button in each row to send an email of that row. Disable the button if the Duedate is NOT Today
  2. make another button somwhere and tell it to push the buttons at 1)
  3. make an automation to push button at 2) every day at 6am :hugs:

would be nice to be able to send a whole table tho…but this is another discussion.

Thanks for letting us know you got this figured out @Vesely_Architektur ! And for sharing with the rest of the Community how you were able to get this resolved.

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