Checkbox with automation on a due date

I am wondering if anyone can help me think through how to execute the following.

I have a due date (date field) and a “today” (checkbox field).

I want want to run a workflow at 6:00 am each morning to look at all items that have a due date as today and check the “today” checkbox in the same row.

Thoughts anyone?

Well, you can set up an automation to run every day at 6 AM and in the action (“then” step) do the following:

YourTable.Filter(CurrentValue.[Due date] = Today()).ModifyRows(YourTable.Today, true)

But what is it that you’re trying to achieve? I could see a column formula thisRow.[Due date] <= Today() working just as well, unless you want to be able to uncheck that? (but then I’d imagine rescheduling a due date would be more logical than setting Today to false)

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This is great!!! Thank you so much. Sometimes it is the formulas that trip you up. Appreciate it.